Northeastern Region, Iceland

The land of waterfalls has a less-trodden wonder for the adventurous – the Aldeyjarfoss.

We’re not sure whether you’ll find Aldeyjarfoss beautiful or scary – but we think it’s both. This waterfall is situated in northern Iceland where the highlands are, so it’s quite hidden and less crowded. This makes it perfect for those looking to get some peace and quiet. Here, glacial water from the highlands gushes through the river before falling 20 metres on mighty basalt rocks. The crashing sounds will surely resonate with you, especially since its regular rhythm will sync with you. What’s the scary part you ask? These basalt rocks and cliffs are not only huge, but also look muddy and slippery. Imagine falling on top of them. Or maybe you should just keep your eyes looking forward and ignore the rocks at the bottom. After all, ignorance is bliss isn’t it? Nevertheless, Aldeyjarfoss is a gem that should not be overlooked. You can drive here from Húsavík which is roughly 90 kilometres away. The journey itself will definitely enchant you as there is just so much beautiful scenery to see.

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Tips Before You Go
Appropriate attire and footwear are a must if you’re planning to go here, especially during winter, as it will be absolutely freezing. You will also need to make an uphill climb just to get here, so try to ensure that you are somewhat physically conditioned before attempting the steep climb. Those who have difficulty walking might not want to visit, as it is not very accessible at all.
Sprengisandsleið, Iceland