California, United States of America
Alamere Falls

Stunning curtain-like falls cascading directly into the ocean.

Hike a nature trail to the stunning Alamere Falls, where water cascades down for 12 meters before flowing into the ocean. With its starting point at Palomarin Trailhead, make sure you have plenty of food and water to last you on the 13 kilometre hike - both there and back! After walking for about 6 kilometres or so, you’ll finally realise why you embarked on this journey. The ocean opens out before you and the thundering majesty of the falls greet you. Stand in wonder at Mother Nature’s little gift and take plenty of pictures, before taking a dip in the ocean. If you were ever going to hike a trail, this trail that keeps Alamere Falls is the one - don’t miss it!

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Alamere Falls, California 94924, USA