Corfu, Greece
Agios Georgios Beach

A curving stretch of fine flaxen sand met by tri-toned blue waters.

Rife with numerous beach activities, it is no small wonder that Agios Georgios Beach remains a quiet and relaxing beach that never gets too crowded. From canoes and pedalos, to jet skis and banana boats, an exciting day of beach activities awaits you at Agios Georgios Beach. Here, you can also try your hand at night or deep sea diving excursions under the guidance of professional instructors – perfect for first-timers and beginners. From reefs, to underwater caves, to wrecks, there is no shortage of magical places with unique sea creatures to explore.

Aside from your dose of excitement and thrill, as usual, there is also ample space to lounge on the beach and soak up the sunshine on lazier days, while the great selection of beachside taverns and bars are a treat for the sun-warmed bellies. There is nothing you can’t do at Agios Georgios Beach, paradise on earth.

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Tips Before You Go
Score a free sunbed by buying a drink from the tavern owners! A good deal as you lounge on sunbeds and sip on a refreshing drink.
Agios Georgios 490 81, Greece