Chania, Greece
Agia Triada Monastery

The Monastery of Agia Triada in Crete is one of the island’s most impressive monasteries, and still holds influence even today.

Built on an isolated rocky outcrop at the foot of the Stavros mountain chain, the Agia Triada Monastery is a stunning complex with elegant Venetian façade and walls made of pinkish-orange stone. The beautiful monastery is complimented by its lush greenery. A row of cypress trees lines the walkway in front of the entrance. Inside the monastery, potted plants decorate balconies and railings, neat patches of olive trees, flower bushes and other shrubs fill up the courtyard, and hanging plants act as the roofs of open corridors.

The church’s iconic architecture is a unique blend of Cretan, Byzantine and European Baroque styles. This mix of European and Mediterranean, slightly oriental architecture gives the monastery an exotic, desert-palace look. Grand and peaceful, the monastery is a must-go for any visitor to Crete.

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Tips Before You Go
As the monastery is a place of religious worship, do make sure to dress modestly when you visit as a sign on respect.
Moni Agias Triados ton Tzagkarolon 731 00, Greece