Mendoza Province, Argentina

Challenge the ancient Stone Sentinel of the Incans in the midst of the Andes.

At a height of 22, 840 ft the Aconcagua is a formidable opponent to content. A sparse grassy skirt giving way to slate rock grey and a crown of white greet visitors gaping at this giant from far below. ‘Tall’ or ‘large’ doesn’t quite encompass the Aconcagua’s size, one of the Seven Summits of the world and the highest peak in both the western and southern hemispheres. Daunted? You have good reason to be.

Misleading contenders with its gentle slopes and relatively well-paved paths, the Aconcagua is a fickle giant. Glaring heat can give way to cloudy tempestuous gales at the snap of a finger. Crampons and ropes might not be essential but unwavering determination and grit are essential on this journey. But for the successful few at the eagle’s perch up above, Aconcagua hefts you on its shoulders to reveal the Andes spread out before you, grey paper mountains against the sky. Can you feel your adrenaline pumping just at the thought of it?

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Tips Before You Go
Those interested in scaling the Aconcagua should be warned that this isn’t a casual day trip. Adventurers can expect to spend anywhere between 18 to 21 days within these slopes. Though 1 in 2 do make it to the peak, it is also often used as a preparatory climb before tackling the peaks in the Himalayas. Before setting off, ensure you have undergone sufficient conditioning and mountain training coupled with both core muscle and cardiovascular training to help you on your way.
Aconcagua, Mendoza Province, Argentina