George Town, Malaysia
Acheen Street Mosque

A mosque with a distinctive cream pillar of enlightenment.

Enclosed by rows of quaint shophouses, Acheen Street Mosque is quiet sanctuary in the midst of a teeming city. Built in an Arab style, Acheen Street Mosque is a stand-out amongst other mosques in George Town, furnished with a stately minaret reminiscent of a lighthouse tower. Its cream-coloured minaret is an iconic fixture in the city skyline, serving as a north star to guide its followers to the mosque. Beneath its elegant façade, Acheen Street Mosque houses echoing hallways, an ablution pool, and simple prayer rooms. If you venture deeper, you might just stumble upon the tombs of the mosque’s original founder and his family in a sanctified corner of the mosque. Or circle the minaret to spot first-hand the unrepaired cannon crater pockmarked on the unblemished walls, shaped in such a flawless circle that you might mistake it for an architectural embellishment. Escape from the trials and tribulations of urban life into the rich and humorous history that bleeds throughout Acheen Street Mosque.

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Tips Before You Go
Be sure to dress appropriately to cover your shoulders and knees when you visit. For females, you can also bring a shawl to cover your head.
Jalan Lebuh Acheh, Pulau Pinang, Georgetown, 11200 George Town, Penang, Malaysia