Chicago, United States of America
360 Chicago Observation Deck

Take a tour around Chicago’s skyline without moving an inch.

360 Chicago /

Down Michigan Avenue and past The Magnificent Mile shopping district glints a modern day obelisk of tinted glass and steel. The John Hancock Building however is more than just a towering spire and welcomes visitors with open arms to explore its interiors. It greets its guests first with digital displays and captivating illuminated showpieces. These will carry you through Chicago’s timeline and into the depths of 9 of its most vibrant neighborhoods that are a treasure trove of culture. Beyond the lobby and up the elevator, you rise up 94 stories before you can even finish counting the floors whizzing by out loud to step out into the platform which earns the attraction its names.

Fully paneled by glass, the Chicago skyline spreads out to the south and west while to the north, one spots the telltale white sands of Oak Street Beach and to the east is the pier and Lake Michigan beyond. You can drink in the sights both in the light of day when the skyscrapers of glass reflect the heart of the city right back at you and at night when the twinkling night sky seems to be reflected a thousand fold on the ground. Sunsets are another treat all together when the setting sun on the horizon resembles a mother of pearl enveloped by the twin shells of pink tinted clouds. From the crown of John Hancock, the 360 presents to you Chicago in a nutshell.

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Tips Before You Go
Lean forward, teetering 1000ft above the streets in Chicago’s highest thrill ride. On the TILT, you will be suspended forward within an enclosed platform over Michigan Avenue from the observation deck, creating the dizzying perception of being held over thin air by your feet. Whether you’re left with an adrenaline rush or a queasy stomach, this ride will let you see Chicago in a different light.
875 N Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL 60611, USA