San Francisco, United States of America
16th Avenue Mosaic Steps

A beautiful, creative neighbourhood project where art comes alive.

San Francisco has always been a quirky, hipster area boasting some major artistic vibes. So it is no surprise that the city’s neighbourhood came together to collaborate on an amazing project - now known as the 16th Avenue Tile Steps. This project features a 163-step stairway located in the city’s Golden Gate Heights Neighbourhood being embellished with mosaic tiles, sponsored by the residents of the neighbourhood. A sea to stars theme, this popular attraction draws in crowds of locals and visitors. As you climb the stairway from the bottom to the top, you will see an amazing mosaic arrangement flowing from the depth of the seas to the heights of the heavens. The 16th Avenue Mosaic Steps is a place where art comes alive, adding beauty to a place many call home.

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16th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122, USA