Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Indonesia
Gunung Semeru (Mount Semeru)

You’d better hit the gym if you intend to make this climb, but it’ll be so worth it when you see a volcano erupt right before your eyes.

If you thought it was too dangerous to watch an eruption up close, this active volcano will prove you wrong. At 3676 metres tall, Mount Semeru is the highest volcano in Java, meaning that the climb to the top is a serious 3 day 2 night journey that only those with sufficient drive and the physical capabilities will be able to tackle. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, this volcano has been spewing ash and lava with alarming regularity. Ever since 1967, it has been in almost constant eruption, with lava and pyroclastic flow even reaching the base around the volcano. Sometimes small, sometimes large, the eruptions combined have killed more than 500 people in the last 30 years. Before that - even more.

This means that it is no mean feat to take on this challenge to make it to the top. There are several camps along the way to take a pitstop and rest and recharge, where you will be served hearty meals and be able to get some much needed shut eye. However, with several hours of hiking each day for three days, to reach the summit is both a mental and physical accomplishment that is very much boast-worthy. Once there, you will be able to watch the volcano exude great puffs of smoke, and feel the rumble vibrate through your entire body. This will be an experience you will remember for the rest of your life - the time you dared to dream and made those dreams a reality.

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Tips Before You Go
It is highly recommended that you bring hiking poles to assist you during the climb, and to purchase a face mask to prevent you from inhaling the dust and ash. These can easily be bought from the Ranu Pani village nearby. The best time to make the climb is in the dry season from April to November, as the mountain is often closed in the wetter months of December to March.
Semeru, Ngampo, Pasrujambe, Lumajang Regency, East Java, Indonesia