Zakynthos, Greece
Anafonitria Monastery

An age-old monastery that is rich in Greek history and culture.

The Monastery of Zakinthos was known to be a Byzantine monument that was dedicated to Virgin Mary and was founded in the 15th century during the Venetian rule in Greece. It is said that Agios Dionysios was a guardian of Zakinthos and had lived his last few years in this very monastery. The monastery is made up of several buildings, with one of them being a notable defensive tower that is used today as a bell tower.

The church itself is situated at the centre of the complex, and has beautiful frescoes that date back to five centuries ago! A visit to the Church today is a lovely and peaceful experience, as one can go through its lovely curvatures, frescoes and wooden frames. The gardens outside the church are lined well with all kinds of flowers and plants, making it a quaint setting to drop by for a quick stroll or to snap some photos at this rustic site. The Monastery has a few restaurants too; so do drop by for a couple of hours and admire this ancient site that is rich in historical value.

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Tips Before You Go
If you are interested to delve deeper into the history of the Monastery, do consider opting for the guided tour. Also, do ensure that you are dressed appropriately to enter the interiors of the monastery.
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