Amalfi, Italy
Amalfi Cathedral

A medieval delight.

Situated in the heart of the lively, cobble-stoned Piazza del Duomo, the striped marble and lace-detailed façade of the Amalfi Cathedral draws the eye with its elegant, Arab-influenced architecture, adorned with four small towers with graceful arches and beautiful green and yellow majolica tiles. Officially completed in the 12th-century, the stunning Amalfi cathedral features mainly Arab-Norman Romanesque design, and is currently home to the Roman Catholic diocese of Amalfi.

After going up 62 broad flight of stairs, visitors are greeted with the medieval bronze doors of the cathedral, framed by an elaborately decorated Romanesque portal depicting “The triumph of Christ”. Within the spectacular Amalfi Cathedral lies the ancient crypt of St. Andrew the apostle, as well as the adjoining 9th-century Basilica of the Crucifix and the fascinating Cloister of Paradise. The splendid interior of the cathedral is distinctly Baroque, with the underlying architecture being Romanesque. Life-like paintings adorn the walls and ceilings of the cathedral, and the triumphal arch is supported by two grand, Egyptian granite columns from Paestum. Stepping into the left of the cathedral’s portico, visitors discover the beautiful, Moorish-styled Cloister of Paradise, featuring slender double columns and a paradisiac Mediterranean garden. Medieval murals frame the maze of walkways, and lead visitors to the basilica – the cathedral’s museum and treasury today. Within the basilica lies the Crypt of St. Andrew, home to the sacred relics of the beloved patron saint of Amalfi, and ornately decorated with beautiful Baroque frescoes from the 16th-century.

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Tips Before You Go
Visitors are highly recommended to climb up the bell tower to gain spectacular views over the city square and the quaint town of Amalfi.
Via Duca Mansone I, 84011 Amalfi SA, Italy