Surabaya, Indonesia
Al Akbar National Mosque (Masjid Nasional Al Akbar)

The crown of the Muslim World found in the heart of a Southeast Asian Archipelago.

Seen from the courtyard, the blue domes gleam like blue cat’s eye under the constantly radiant tropical sun. The Masjid Nasional Al Akbar belongs to a port city in a country with the world’s largest population of Muslim, a country that prides itself upon its prized mosques second only to those in the holy land. Of these the Al Akbar Mosque stands on a class of its own, stamping its dominance in Southeast Asia through grand sloping roofs and arches.

As one of the few mosques that allow visiting, everyone has a chance to appreciate and admire the flowing nature of the calligraphy etched into the walls, flowing liquid script a work of art in its own right. Tessellations in pristine white stand out against the turquoise interiors of the prayer room, where Muslims, regardless of their country of origin are invited for regular prayer sessions. In respect of the sanctity of the site, onlookers glimpse the beauty from an overhead balcony, wordlessly marveling at the intricate installations and quiet calm of ongoing prayers. A helpful hand will point you towards an escalator racing up one of the many minarets. Surabaya is an endless patchwork beyond the imposing roofs you now look down upon. From the tip of Al Akbar Mosque, it’s evident how valued this mosque is to the people of Surabaya.

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Tips Before You Go
Visiting the Nasional Mosque is more than simply gaining religious and cultural awareness of the site you’re visiting. Multiple carts and temporary holdings serve up street food and East Javan specialties. Crispy Cumi-Cumi Goreng Tepung paired with a refreshing drink of Chendol and wrapped up with the texture rich cake of Kueh Lapis Surabaya are enough to make anyone’s day.
Jl. Masjid Al-Akbar Utara No.1, Pagesangan, Jambangan, Kota SBY, Jawa Timur 60274, Indonesia