Karavados, Greece
Agios Thomas Beach

A beach bay with a beautiful harmony of pale blue water and lush greenery.

With the bluest water you will ever come across, Agios Thomas Beach is a picturesque bay that looks more like a luxury outdoor swimming pool than a beach. Besides the usual strip of sand that gives way to shallow waters, the flat rock overhang to your left provides easy access into deeper waters via a ladder. Crystal-clear waters allow for snorkelling where you can see all the sea has to offer. The free-spirited can choose to go for a refreshing dive instead of climbing, while regular sunbathers can choose to lay out their beach towels here.

To the right, a narrow path leads up to a secluded cliff with a scenic view of the sea from the rocks. You may also find thick layers of hay-like sun-bleached seaweed washed ashore on some rocks, where you can then experience what it feels like to walk on foam! The tavern overlooks the beach, offering a panoramic view of the sea as you relish their food. Why go to a swimming pool when you can simply visit Agios Thomas Beach?

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Tips Before You Go
Getting to the beach might be tricky, given the steep and slippery pathway. Do be careful as you make your way down!
Livathou 281 00, Greece