Corfu, Greece
Agios Stefanos Beach

An endless beachfront with a perfect collaboration of fluffy golden sand and crystalline azure waters.

With two other beaches with the same name in Greece alone, Corfu’s Agios Stefanos Beach is not like the rest. A standout beach resort with pristine facilities and humble origins as a fishing village, Agios Stefanos Beach features a wide variety of taverns and water sports without being touristic, retaining a quiet and easy-going vibe offered by more secluded beaches.

From the bouncing ringo boats and swerving banana boats to the meandering pedalos and gliding kayaks, you are bound to have gallons of fun. Afterwards, the beachfront taverns will surely offer respite from the excitement with its mouth-watering Greek cuisine, the finishing touch to a perfect day out. Despite its common name, Agios Stefanos Beach in Corfu is an unforgettable beach resort, gifted with tranquillity, one you must visit.

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Tips Before You Go
A beach fortunately sheltered from strong winds, one can truly relax here, with no worries about belongings flying away.
Ag. Stefanos 490 81, Greece