Corfu, Greece
Agios Gordios Beach

A gorgeous beachfront tucked beside lush olive green mountains.

Bordered by sloping mountains, Agios Gordios Beach is a span of fine golden sand with a few out-scattering of rocks. Its shallow and calm turquoise waters are perfect of families with young children, whose parents can rest easy as their children frolic in the sea. The lush mountains jut out into the sea, accompanied by a stunning pointed black rock protruding from the sea.

During the twilight hours, Agios Gordios Beach is a prime spot to watch the sun make its slow ascent from or descent into the fiery sea. This is where you can bask in the relaxing atmosphere under the sun, where the scenic landscape is sure to rejuvenate any tired soul. Do head to the three surrounding villages where you will be surrounded by all things local and truly Greek. The charming Agios Gordios Beach is bound to soothe even the most restless spirits.

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Ag. Gordios 490 84, Greece