Heraklion, Greece
Agiofarago Beach

Through copses of deep green pines and towering walls of grey lies an aquamarine gem, a sapphire in the embrace of its granite protectors.

Agiofarago Beach is tucked deep into towering gorges which hide its clear blue waters tinged by the barest hints of green leading out into the open ocean. That said, the beach is famous not just for its waters but the journey required to reach it.

An extensive trail leads through the bowels of the gorge, past the Odigitria monastery and the chapel of St Anthony. Hikers often come across the monks and ascetics of these religious sites as they continue to live within the hidden folds of the gorge. The beach grounds are in fact excellent for camping, given that you are willing to shoulder all the equipment required through the 50 minute trail. Once at the beach, a climb up the rock face will lead you to the flat top and a view you won’t regret. Watch the foam peaks of the waves rush towards the pebble face and dissipate in an instant. Pick out the great stone arcs separating from the cliff face to dive back into the water. Breathe in the heavy scent of salt and sea hanging in the air and enjoy the tranquility. Wondrous gorges, unbelievable waters and a journey that remains imprinted in your memories, Agiofarago Beach is a holy grail awaiting to be discovered.

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Tips Before You Go
If you do climb up to the top of the cliffs, take the chance to head southeast. Walking out far enough, you should reach an oval shaped pool deep within a sinkhole dug into the gorges. Reaching the lake’s salt waters is near impossible but gazing at its impenetrable blue surface can be quite satisfying.
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