Chania, Greece
Agia Marina Beach

Picturesque palms dancing in the wind, a glass of Cretan wine at hand and dazzling blue waters ahead, the Agia Marina Beach are everything a tourist could dream of.

Coasting the edge of Agia Marina village is Agia Marina Beach, both the beach and the village named in the honor of the local church. Squat brick buildings characteristic of the Cretan quayside gird the base of lush green hills. Tourists can easily find Greek-styled villas and hotels to spend the night at, making their way to the Agia Marina Beach which is literally in their backyards. One of the more popular and well-serviced beachfronts, you’re likely to find yourself amidst throngs of local and travelling beachgoers jostling to find a square of sand to lay out their colorful beach towels on.

The dense crowds aside, the facilities on offer at the beach are endless. You can take your pick between speeding through white tipped sea caps on a jet ski or feeling the wind hurtling past you a 100 feet above while paragliding. The constant gales attract hundreds of wind surfers while the volleyball courts are an easy option to spend your afternoon with friends. Against the gradient of purples and pinks by evening, you can kick your feet back and enjoy a traditional Cretan affair for dinner at the various restaurants and cafes. And as the night deepens, one can choose to head back or spend the night away at the beach clubs blaring heavy tones of Greek inspired music. The perfect vacation wrapped into one, the Agia Marina will serve all you could ask for at the click of your fingers.

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Tips Before You Go
Those interested in cycling would be pleased to know that bikes can easily be rented from the Agia Marina. Bike paths lead beachgoers to the islet of Thodorou, a streak of land jutting from the waters a few meters off the shores of the Agia Marina. Access into Thodorou however is strictly off limits as the endangered Cretan ibex can be found in its woods and remains under protection. The bike route is scenic nonetheless and is worth the trip.
ΠΕΟ κισσαμου χανιων, Ag. Marina 730 14, Greece