Rhodes, Greece
Agathi Beach

Fine, white sand and a cosy beach awaits you in Agathi!

Agathi Beach is situated about 36km from Rhodes City and features a beautiful, white sand beach. It is cosy and rustic, a distance away from civilisation which will certainly offer you a serene experience. There are a few canteens in the area which offer similar foods from each other such as English breakfast, sandwiches, salads and souvlaki, hence don’t worry about going hungry!

Perhaps you can consider having a camping experience out with the family - bring your sleeping bags and camp at a cave which is situated at the end of the beach, making it ideal for a night out. To get to the beach, just follow the signs from Haraki and along the way perhaps stop by the medieval castles of Feraklos for a short visit. You may also rent out sunbeams and umbrellas from the canteens for a day out under the sun! Shallow waters are perfect for children to dip and also for a swim.

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Tips Before You Go
Accessible only by car, the beach remains hidden and obscure, away from throngs of tourists.
Archangelos 851 02, Greece