Lefkada, Greece
Afteli Beach

Did a piece of heaven accidentally drop to this part of the Earth?

Can you feel the love tonight? ‘Cause we certainly do. And so will you if you set your feet on this magnificent creation of Nature that nestles in a southeast coastal village called Evgiros. Did you guess what it is already? It’s the Afteli Beach, Lefkada’s precious pearl carefully hidden away from the world. It is still a surprise that this beach does not attract many visitors, considering that it is situated only 3 kilometres away from the village. But that’s what makes it so special! The beach along with its surrounding landscape will make you feel as if you’ve gone into a fantasy world. Not only is the water crystal clear and refreshingly blue, the rich vegetation enveloping this cove reaches close to the waters, creating a surreal feeling. Here, romance is in the air. If you’re thinking of taking a break with your beloved, then this is the best place to create some beautiful memories. Don’t forget to grab some wine along the way!

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Tips Before You Go
Afteli is a great place for snorkelling! The road to getting here is known to be narrow, so try to avoid coming in bigger vehicles.
310 82, Greece