Gothenburg, Sweden

It’s not everyday that one gets to experience being behind the controls of actual military aircraft and helicopters that have survived the toughest battles, but that’s exactly what the Aeroseum has to offer.

The history and development of every kind of flying machine you can think of, from Ikaros to today’s commercial jet planes lurk in this unusual 22,000 square metre underground military bunker that lies beneath a great mountain, creating an extraordinarily convincing and absorbing universe filled with all things aviation. Scandinavia’s largest flight experience centre does not disappoint with the opportunity to take off from Säve airport and soar above the city of Gothenburg, with nothing but yourself in control, a once in a lifetime opportunity that people of all ages will remember for life. For an even more immersive experience opt to spend a night in the barracks featuring original military design, which have 8 small rooms with a maximum of 4 beds each, and your very own hob, microwave, fridge, sofa and even the luxury of a TV! The elusive "Hemliga" is a fuel station from the Kalla War, never before available to the public eye, but now offering exclusive guided tours in which you get to don helmets, grab a trusty torch and embody the most intrepid adventurer.

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Tips Before You Go
Be aware that bookings cannot be made for the accommodation experience alone, and you are expected to pay the entrance fee for the museum as well. Also, while blankets and pillows are provided during your overnight stay, you are encouraged to bring your own bedsheets. The guided tour involves staircases and some uneven ground so make sure you’re wearing stable shoes with good grip to keep you safe. The only way to reach the Aeroseum is aboard bus 35, which you can catch from Hjalmar Brantingsplatsen, just north of central Gothenburg.
Holmvägen 100, 417 46 Göteborg, Sweden