Nallathanniya, Sri Lanka
Adam’s Peak (Sri Pada)

A stunning sunset, breath-taking walk (literally), Adam’s Peak is an all-round stunner.

Climb up this popular pilgrimage site that reaches up to slightly more than 2000 metres tall as you are met with a jaw-dropping sunset that you will never forget. Adam’s Peak - a popular pilgrimage site for not just many Buddhists, but a few other religions. Possessing a hollowed shape resembling a foot print, Adam’s Peak is known for that very “foot print”. Many Buddhists believe that it belongs to the Buddha, whilst the Hindus believe it is Lord Shiva’s! Christians and Muslims on the other hand believe it belonged to Adam when he was first cast out of the Garden of Eden.

Regardless of the various religious significance, one thing’s for sure – Adam’s Peak is spectacular! Take up the challenge and head off on a 4 to 5 hour climb up to the peak. Many often opt to start their climb around 11 at night, making it just in time for the Adam’s Peak special. Once you reach the peak, be astounded by the stunning sunset before you. Take in the warm, golden rays of the sun, bask in the glory of the ethereal-like light and immerse yourself in that very moment. And that is the Adam’s Peak special, a gorgeous sunrise, unrivaled by any other.

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Tips Before You Go
You are likely to bump into a couple of vendors and amenities on your walk, so fret not, as you are well-taken care of.
Avoid the crowds by opting to visit after the busy pilgrimage months of May. (However, do note during then that there are fewer vendors open.)
Sri Pada, Adam\'s Peak, Sri Lanka