Alexandria, Egypt
Abu al-Abbas al-Mursi Mosque

A site of religious reverence and beautiful architecture.

Facing the spacious Mosque Square and set against the eastern harbor, Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque is a patchwork construction that first began in 1775. It all began with the burial of Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi, a Spanish scholar and saint over whose tomb the mosque we see today was built. The mosque was gradually adorned with even more fanciful decorative structures by subsequent generations of rulers in the area. Eventually, what began as a humble mausoleum with a single dome transformed into a sprawling complex of cream with a stunning minaret and rows of arched windows.

The current minaret stands at 73m, and is further split into four sections, each with a unique structure before culminating in a brass plated tip crowned by an Islamic moon. The internal walls of the mosque are inlaid with artificial stone with the exception of the astounding mosaic piece. Measuring 5.5m in height, the mosaic is a medley of colors and patterns that add to the alluring Arabic style the rest of the mosque is styled after. Unique skylights, raised arabesque ceilings reflected off the gleaming white marble floors and carefully carved wood installations will leave you discovering something new every time you visit. A site of religious reverence and for those with an eye for beauty and detail, the Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi Mosque has come far from its quaint beginnings.

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Tips Before You Go
The worship area for women has a special entrance and was only recently added. However, it’s said that entry is restricted once more which might be a significant inconvenience for female visitors. Given this, visitors shouldn’t be alarmed if the local guide segregates the men and women of the group to bring them down separate paths into the mosque.
ميدان المساجد، الجمرك، قسم الجمرك، الإسكندرية، Egypt