Akashi, Japan
Akashi Castle (明石城)

Mostly gone but not forgotten.

In the heart of Akashi Park in Hyōgo-ken, Japan, you will find the ruins of Akashi Castle, a beautiful 17th-century monument. Similar to other castles built during the Edo Era in Japan, Akashi Castle has no keep. What it has instead are turrets, or what the Japanese call Yaguras. Due to the demolition of the castle ordered by the Meiji government in 1874, the majority of the castle ceases to exist today, apart from 2 prominent yaguras – the Hitsuji-saru yagura and the Tatsumi yagura. These towers are registered as Important Cultural Properties of Japan, and are a great way to get a glimpse of Japanese architecture in the 1600s.

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1-27 Akashikōen, Akashi, Hyōgo-ken 673-0847