Como, Italy
Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte

A picturesque monastic site adjoined by a beautiful Romanesque Basilica.

The facade of Abbazia di San Pietro al Monte is reminiscent of many monastic structures around the world from various religions, be it Buddhism or Hinduism. The serenity and natural beauty around the site notwithstanding, the site is also well-known for the adjoining Basilica of San Pietro. The frescoes inside this basilica, whose theme is the final apotheosis of Christ and the Triumph of the Righteous, make this a very important example of the classic Lombard Romanesque architecture. The only caveat? You will have to make an uphill climb just to see this beautiful site. Don’t worry though, because it is not particularly strenuous. The reward will also be well worth the effort, as the structure itself looks absolutely magnificent.

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Tips Before You Go
Take your comfortable trekking shoes and drinks along. While this may be a good and beautiful climb, you would also want it to be as comfortable as ever. Bring along a cap or a hat too, especially if you’re visiting in the summer. That should protect you from the sun’s intense rays.
23862 Civate LC, Italy